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CHEMSS2017 Summit will be organized in three parallel areas of activities. Area One will be the conference activities of the Global Chemical Safety and Security Summit; Area Two an exchange forum with  demonstrations, best practices exchanges and trainings; and Area Three a fair with exhibition activities. These activities will all run in close physical proximity to each other.

Area One

The Summit will begin with sessions in 7 thematic streams attended by senior national, international and industry officials:

Stream 1: CHEMSS Facilities safety and security - safety and security of chemical facilities and reduce the risks of chemicals to local communities, including  regulatory programs and industry approaches 

Stream 2: CHEMSS Logistics - Chemical Safety and Security in the Transportation and Storage of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Stream 3: CHEMSS Cyber Security – Increasing resilience and preventing chemical and petrochemical sites from cyber attacks 

Stream 4: CHEMSS Responsible Agriculture - for the Safe and Secure Handling of Fertilizers

Stream 5: CHEMSS Youth Forum – Students for Chemical and Environmental Safety and Security

Stream 6: CHEMSS Human Resources – developing skills and talent acquisition in the developing countries

Stream 7: CHEMSS Environmental Impact Assessment.    


Area Two

The exchange forum will offer practical demonstrations, best practices exchanges, training and discussions among specialists:

•   Documents, publications and media articles on chemical safety and security, ecological safety, and efforts to prevent misuse of toxic chemicals; 

•   Demonstrations, training activities, inspections, sampling and analysis equipment, lessons learned, experiences of national and international organizations;

•   Activities by international and national agencies in prevention, preparedness and capacity building against the malicious use of toxic chemicals;

•   Safety and security programs of national agencies and industry, including chemical associations

•   IT solutions and measures against cyberterrorism;

•   Small-scale joint drills and table-top exercises on response to a threat or attack on chemical installations.


Area Three

The International Chemical Safety and Security Fair will run parallel to the deliberations of the Summit and showcase state-of-the-art technology in a) chemical safety and security in chemical industry, b) assistance and protection, c) safety and security of transportation of toxic chemicals, d) threat detection, protection and response, and e) management and utilization of toxic chemicals and waste. The Fair’s aim is to globalize the market for state-of-the-art technology and services in chemical safety and security by bringing together commercial and non-commercial companies with government agencies, international organizations, emergency responders, laboratories, and industry. It will serve as a vehicle for interaction between governments, national agencies and international institutions and entities that are involved in emergency response to chemical incidents, and reinforce the goals of the Summit by focusing on the following areas:

•   Risk assessment, planning and management tools for response operations;

•   Safety and security equipment, and tools of chemical industry for transportation of hazardous materials;

•   Sampling, analytical instrumentation and procedures, and laboratory demonstrations;

•   Detection, monitoring, warning and protection equipment;

•   Medical countermeasures;

•   Search and rescue equipment;

•   Operational procedures, training, and education;

•   Food and animal safety and security.

The Summit will end with a Concluding Plenary Session with feedback from the thematic forums and assessments made of their outcomes in the overall context of the Summit. A Summit declaration on enhancing chemical safety and security will be adopted.  


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