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The International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS) –  was established in October 2102 as an independent non-profit organization, based in Warsaw, Poland. The ICCSS supports the development of national and international networks of chemical safety and security officers from national agencies, international organizations, industries, and civil society. The ICCSS seeks to provide continuity to international efforts in promoting chemical and environmental safety and security, and focuses on enhancing capabilities for research, development, storage, production and safe use of chemicals for peaceful purposes. The ICCSS seeks the role of the international reference centre for training in  chemical safety and security. 

The ICCSS has pioneered a shift of perspective in the field of chemical security. This shift recognizes that a) chemical security is not just a technical problem for professionals to solve, but rather, an enterprise-wide issue; b) that it should not be merely the subject of sporadic attention, but rather, integrated into planning and business-conduct cycles; and c) that it is not an expense, but rather, an important investment. Furthermore, chemical security requires a focus not just on threats, vulnerability and protection, but as well on efficiency, organizational continuity, and preservation of trust.

ICCSS promotes chemical safety and security by bringing the issue to the national level, by creating greater efficiencies in capacity building and exchanging best practices, and by improving coordination among national and international actors. All ICCSS programs are based on five core principles: sustainability, continuity, public-private partnership, multi-stakeholder participation, and modern management.

ICCSS is an originator and leader of the Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security (CHEMSS),  a global process of co-operation among multi-stakeholder audiences that addresses chemical and environmental safety and security solutions in the whole supply chain of raw materials, production, infrastructure, transportation and use of chemicals in all areas of chemical activity, with a focus on relevant industries. 

ICCSS is the representative of CCPIF in Poland and in Europe. 


Ambassador Krzysztof Paturej – ICCSS Board President 

E-mail: k.paturej @ 


China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation -  is a non-government, not-for-profit organization consisting of companies, institutes, sectional associations and local associations in the petroleum and chemical industry on the voluntary basis. 

CPCIF is the umbrella organization that provides service and implements certain administrative functions within this industry on the national level. 

Federation (CPCIF) has been focusing on promoting the green, safe and sustainable development of the industry, and increasing the chemical safety and security level. Firstly, it participates in the formulation of policies of relevant government departments, provides technical support, and feedbacks enterprises’ demands. Secondly, it implements Responsible Care, and increase the safety and security awareness of the industry. Thirdly, it supports governmental departments to establish and improve the emergency response system, and strengthens the emergency rescue capability building. Fourthly, it carries out publicity, exchange and training relating to chemical safety and security, increases the safety management capabilities of the industrial workforce, proactively arouses the public’s consciousness of chemical safety, and creates favourable public opinions for the scientific, healthy and safe development of the industry. Fifthly, it promotes international cooperation, and enhances China’s chemical safety and security level by learning from international best practices.

The CPCIF has actively cooperated with ICCSS for last years based on the cooperation memorandum with ICCSS signed in Beijing in April 2015. The Chinese partners from the Government, chemical industry, including from chemical and technological parks, and a  major delegation from the CPCIF, took an active part in the first Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security CHEMSS2016, in April, in Kielce, Poland, organized by International Center of Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS). The CPCIF was a leading partner of the Summit. CPCIF is a representative of the ICCSS in China. 


Mr. PANG Guanglian

Director-General of CPCIF

e-mail: panggl @, cpcif.pang @