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Organized by the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS) and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), CHEMSS2017 Summit will be the second global multi-stakeholder event to address chemical safety and security solutions in the whole supply chain.  CHEMSS2017 brings together chemical safety and security leaders and practitioners from government, international organizations, industry, academia and civil society in an industry-oriented, science-based, and non-political forum.

CHEMSS2017 Summit will be followed by 2017 China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference (CPCIC), a yearly gathering of Chinese petroleum and chemical industries and their international partners. The organisation of CHEMSS2017 consecutively with CPCIC confirms a synergy of efforts  to  globalize chemical safety and security with Chinese approaches to meet the highest standards in chemical safety and security and confirms global reach of Chinese petroleum and chemical industries.   

CHEMSS2017 Summit and CPCIC will enhance chemical safety and security in developing countries and supports the One Belt, One Road project.

CHEMSS2017 Summit seeks to enhance global chemical safety and security NOT by new regulations or standards but by promoting,  operationalizing and internationalizing the existing national and international best practices, trainings, practices and technical solutions, and promoting a positive image and approach of chemical stakeholders. 

CHEMSS2017 Summit will promote the development of a global chemical safety and security community and the development of a global chemical an ecological safety and security market.