LNG Terminal Safety and Security Seminar - Case Study at CHEMSS 2017

LNG Terminal Safety and Security Seminar - Case Study at CHEMSS 2017

The importance of proper LNG operations in the world

Since the LNG operations are designed, maintained, and operated, with the highest standards, they have high safety and security records. At the same time no energy resources, including liquefied natural gas, all of which are carried on ships, stored off/on shore and transported by road or rail, are completely safe. If there is a fire or other safety or security incident, the consequences could be catastrophic. All the relevant stakeholders from government, industry, transportation, storage, and distribution, shall make sure the whole LNG operations are designed, maintained, and operated safely and securely.


There is an enormous expansion of LNG operations worldwide. The globalization of LNG operations raises the questions of ensuring highest safety, security and environmental standards, best practices and capacity building, in every place. To ensure that all LNG operations are not hazardous and meet the highest levels of safety and security everywhere, the ICCSS promotes the operationalization and internationalization the existing international, national and industry safety, security and environmental best practices and capacity building. This approach is based on the ICCSS vision that emerging global LNG market requires chemical and environmental safety and security, to be applied locally, nationally, regionally and globally.


Check out the document below for more information about the LNG operations!


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